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When my mom got sick, we knew that things were critical. We were really concerned about her ability to endure the treatments, and we started thinking about what we could do to make her more comfortable. After talking with her medical practitioner, we realized that home health care might be best for her condition. It was really tricky to decide to move her to home and start focusing on her quality of life, but we knew it was the right choice to make. Within a few weeks, she had deteriorated significantly, but she was comfortable and happy. This blog is all about understanding home health care.



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Bringing A Loved One Home From The Hospital? 3 Ways To Ensure They Have A Safe Recovery

It is always scary when your loved one experiences a health crisis, but you are excited to be able to finally bring them home from the hospital. However, recovering from a stroke often involves making a few changes at your loved one's house to ensure their safety while they work on regaining their abilities. As you begin to develop your loved one's new care plan, use these tips to keep them safe until they have regained their strength again:

Make Sure You Fully Understand the Discharge Instructions

At first, it may seem simple to help your loved one recover from a stroke. However, reading through the discharge instructions often reveals that it is more complicated than it seems. For instance, your loved one may need to do prescribed therapeutic exercises each day that requires assistance to be done correctly. Alternatively, your loved one may need help bathing until they can maintain their balance well enough to do it alone. Have your loved one's medical team go over the discharge instructions with you so that you can make arrangements for in home care for the parts that are too much to handle alone.

Set Up a Medication Management System

After a stroke, your loved one is likely to have new medications be prescribed, and keeping up with the dosages is critical for their continued health. For this reason, you will need to establish a new medication management system that ensures that your loved one never misses a dose. While you can set up pill dispensers and alarms, it is possible that your loved one might not be able to access their medication themselves or could forget whether or not they took it. Therefore, it is best to have your loved ones in home health care service manage their medication during their recovery.

Provide Assistance With Daily Tasks

When you know that your loved one will be tempted to do too much too soon, it is important to prevent them from getting hurt by arranging for someone else to take over their basic tasks. Arrange for a lawn service to tackle their landscaping needs, and hire a caregiver to help with things such as meal planning. This way, your loved one has nothing to do but focus fully on having a healthy recovery.

Setting up the ideal environment for your loved one's return home from the hospital allows them to have the best chances for a safe post-stroke recovery. By focusing on making sure that they have plenty of assistance around the house, you can rest assured that they will be able to focus on improving their health.

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